Agitated in Arkansas

Conway, Arkansas This month we celebrated God’s provisions.  Who are we and what do we do to deserve God’s kindness?  If we didn’t  know Him, I would say this month was the worst ever. The bank account is low, and we haven’t been given enough miles to drive.  I had an incident with the truck, […]

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Tested yet Thankful in Texas

Tomball, TX. Does God ever stop surprising us? It was the end of the month and we finally had some days off.  So we took our last load to Houston, and bobtailed home. Bobtail is a term used to describe a truck or tractor without a trailer.  We drove to my mom’s house and planed […]

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Newbs in New York

Newb: a person lacking in knowledge or experience. 1 Mile outside of Albany, NY. Rest stop. Once again we are in a pickle trying to find a spot for the night. We tried a well-known truck stop but they restricted parking to only 2 hours. We tried our back-up plan only to find out it […]

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Ohhh Ohio!

Cincinnati – It was just another day on the road, or so we thought. We drove through Illinois and Indiana without even a blink. We dropped our load and left to pick up another. Our driving time was counting down, we needed to find a spot to spend the night. But first a little explanation […]

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