Tested yet Thankful in Texas

Tomball, TX.

Does God ever stop surprising us?

It was the end of the month and we finally had some days off.  So we took our last load to Houston, and bobtailed home. Bobtail is a term used to describe a truck or tractor without a trailer.  We drove to my mom’s house and planed to park it there, forgetting the size of the truck in proportion to the size of the neighborhood.  The road is about 15feet wide, the power cables hang low and the tree branches even lower.  The truck couldn’t go in the drive way, so we decided to parallel park outside the fence.  There was enough space for it to fit perfectly, but below the green grass laid a hidden problem. I pulled forward to straighten out the truck when i heard a loud hiss.  First thing i thought was that a tire was punctured.  I Jumped out to look and found that it wasn’t a tire, but one of the air brake tanks. “Oh CHUCKS” i couldn’t believe it, after driving all day to get home, shower, sleep in our bed and just rest from this vehicle, this happens.  What to do? I had no idea but to pray and ask God for peace and trust in Him. My heart was in peril with no easy solution in sight.

What was God trying to teach us from this situation?  Prior to this we had made dinner arrangements with our friend, Billy, and with our hearts heavy we left the truck and met up with him.  With our minds occupied in other matters we were able to enjoy our dinner.  We drove home feeling more at ease and decided to call it a day.  Feeling well rested, we searched around for the part we needed.  Store after store nobody had it.  We headed back to my mom’s house where we met my brother, Henry.  He works at a dealership so he has a lot of contacts in the automobile business.  He connected me to someone who works at a semi dealership.  I called him up and he had the part available for $200, “yikes!” Oh well, we needed it.  We drove to the dealership and I showed them the broken part.  What they had quoted me was the whole component and all i needed was one piece.  So he opened the box and handed the piece over to me. I grabbed my wallet to pay, when he told me it was nothing.  I couldn’t believe it.  I told him what a blessing he was and how much i appreciated his help.  Feeling relieved, we drove to the house and install the part.  How crazy, God could have saved us all this trouble but He allowed it to show us His loving kindness.  Time after time He show us that He is with us.  It is in His nature to show off, just look around, He is everywhere.

“Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1.9


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