Itching in Illinois

City: Niles, North of Chicago

Today, unlike the previous days, we knew we were going to run out of time but or goal was to get the delivery on time no matter what. And with God guiding us we made it with 32 min. to spare. Enough for parking or so we thought. We had downloaded an app that would tell us if a Wal-Mart allowed overnight parking to avoid having another dilemma as in Ohio. So we find a store 2.7 miles away and headed out to park for the night. When we got there those old familiar signs were there greet us. NO OVERNIGHT PARKING! Ugh! So we drove around looking for an empty lot and came upon a hidden spot behind some warehouses. We parked with 2 min. left. All day I, April, had just wanted to shower, that’s the only thing that mattered. And this happening once again really put me in a bad mood. I had decided to just call it a day and retired to the sleeper berth. Marv on the other hand was optimistic and searching for hotels and places to eat when he came across a YMCA. He called to ask about a 1 day membership and was told that they allowed 3 day passes for
new-comers. So we gathered our shower bags and walked not a mile, not even half a mile but just a block! How unbelievably close! We walked in, changed, swam in the pool and finally showered.

No matter how bad the day goes if you put your trust in God, he will provide for your every need. The delivery might not be what you expected but the outcome is exactly what you needed. That’s how He shows that He is ALWAYS by our side. We are “… chosen by God and precious to him” 1Peter 2.4


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