Newbs in New York

Newb: a person lacking in knowledge or experience.

1 Mile outside of Albany, NY. Rest stop.
Once again we are in a pickle trying to find a spot for the night. We tried a well-known truck stop but they restricted parking to only 2 hours. We tried our back-up plan only to find out it was closed. So with 11 min. left to find a place we searched every corner, turn after turn, into the city and through construction until we finally found one. Now some might think it wouldn’t be hard finding a spot with a GPS, Truck Navigator, Google maps and a Big-Rig parking book BUT it is! What those aids don’t tell you is which stops have restrictions, are closed, in renovation or just full. Ok back to the story, so with only 2 min. remaining on the clock we slid into a nice spot in the back, turned off the engine and asked “why us?” Not even a week had pass since our last dilemma and yet here we were in another sticky situation. But in reality there was no situation. Sure there were no restrooms or restaurants but we made it with time and plenty of space to park. So with the pity party over we evaluated our limited options and decided to do like the first New Yorkers did and walk. With our minds set we began our excursion not realizing what we would come across. Only a mere 15 min. hike along the dense vegetation was a small town with all the conveniences we were in need of. Its amazing what can happen when you put in a little bit of work instead of always expecting for things to just happen. God could have easily taken us to a truck stop with all the bells and whistles but what would we have learned? We can all just sit around, live a comfortable life of convenience or we can partner up with God and work to be part of his provision. “We are laborers together with God” (1 Corinthians 3.9) in every aspect of our lives. Let us be like Noah, Abraham, Moses and David and others who have partnered with God to change their circumstances.
And in closing of this adventure we had yet another run in with a cop. An unexpectedly friendly cop and with that, another lesson learned, don’t walk along I-87 in NY at night.


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