Ohhh Ohio!

Cincinnati – It was just another day on the road, or so we thought. We drove through Illinois and Indiana without even a blink. We dropped our load and left to pick up another. Our driving time was counting down, we needed to find a spot to spend the night. But first a little explanation about driving time. There are 11 hours that truckers are allowed to drive per day with as 14 hr window in which to drive. Once your time has expired you CAN NOT move the truck an inch. And we had 46 min. to find our spot. Truck stops were full, we missed a rest stop and so we driver into as Walmart assuming they were trucker friendly as most are. We were wrong! Trucks were parked all along the side but with signs clearly stating there was “No trailer parking allowed” frantically we left to search for another spot with 15 min. left on the clock. We were completely out of options so we rushed to another Walmart down the road only to find the same signs and 0 min. left. We prayed and then ran into the store to ask for permission to park. It was granted but with a warning that the police might ask us to move. 10 min. later a cop did ask us to move but this was no ordinary cop. He was kind and completely understanding of our situation, God was without a doubt watching out for us. He could have given us a ticket but let us off with a warning and a word to next officer on our behalf. We cried, literally cried, big salty tears of gratitude. Then we  prayed again. So the moral of this story is that when the law comes into play nobody gets special treatment but when mercy comes into play it’s a completely different story. Therefore had Jesus not come we all w would be subject to the consequences of the law. Thank God for his mercy and don’t park overnight at Walmart’s in Cincinnati!


2 thoughts on “Ohhh Ohio!

  1. God is Good; All the Time! I miss u guys! & I pray in Jesus name that God will watch over yall, and bless u guys every step of the day! Love yall!! -Jessica

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